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American Mathematical Society COUNTER Release 5 Usage Statistics for Books and Journals

Instructions for Institutions:

Note that whether you use the web interface or the SUSHI server, you will need a username (institution code) and password. To receive that information, please send email to or fax your request to 401-455-4046. Please be sure to include your name, title and complete address information for your institution. Note that all requests need to be in writing and the person making the request should be the current contact person on one or more of the electronic product subscriptions. Usernames and passwords will not be provided to agents, booksellers or any other third parties.

For MathSciNet COUNTER Release 5 Database Reports, please go to:

For all COUNTER Release 4 statistics, whether for books, journals, or MathSciNet, please go to The AMS COUNTER Release 4 portal

You may use this Web interface to download reports in a tab-separated text file, which can be imported into a spreadsheet, or if you have a working SUSHI client, you may use our SUSHI server.

Institution Code API KEY ("password")