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Institutional subscribers to AMS electronic products can now access COUNTER data (dating from January 2023) via LibLynx. Libraries may retrieve data directly or via a SUSHI client. When setting up SUSHI retrieval, libraries must first request access via AMS-hosted legacy reports will remain available through 2024.

LibLynx COUNTER Release 5 Reports

Covers January 2023–Present

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Legacy COUNTER Release 5 Reports:

Covers August 2018–December 2022

Legacy COUNTER Release 5 reports for AMS Books and Journals may be accessed through the portal below.

Note that whether you use the web interface or the SUSHI server, you will need a username (institution code) and password. To receive that information, please send email to or fax your request to 401-455-4046. Please be sure to include your name, title and complete address information for your institution. Note that all requests need to be in writing and the person making the request should be the current contact person on one or more of the electronic product subscriptions. Usernames and passwords will not be provided to agents, booksellers or any other third parties.

Institution Code API KEY ("password")

Additional Information

For more information about COUNTER compliance, see For additional assistance, contact AMS Customer Service.